R.I.P. SUPPORT YR SCENE 2010 – 2013

I will keep this short and sweet for my reasoning behind everything.

Back in 2010, I set up a blog called Rock Reviews 24/7 where I wrote about various album releases and shows I attended and the blog looked awful. I bought a domain name and changed it up a little over the course of my time (all whilst hating the name). I never thought I’d get even the slightest bit of attention so when I first started getting requests for reviews and guestlists, I was STOKED. It was exciting and running this got me a lot of places and I found out about a lot of cool bands and things writing on here. I changed the name to Support Yr Scene but once I got to university, the entire thing dwindled and I always had it in mind that I would do more. But I hated the interface of this site.

There’s still some pieces that I think I did a really good job on, but others I got lazy and it fucking sucked. I wanted to write elsewhere and not have pressure here. I’ve been invited to write for http://wakecollective.co.uk and I’m excited because there’s a completely new opportunity there and I can get back to writing properly and have more freedom.

If you stumble across this, then feel free to give me shit to review on there: obviously it’s mainly punk/emo unlike here. But I prefer that. Let’s look forward to the future.




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Miss Vincent – Creepy review

Miss-Vincent-CreepyA little less than a year after Miss Vincent appeared on the scene with their debut single, No One Knew, the Guildford punks recently released their debut EP entitled Creepy. In a world where bands come and go quicker than ever, it’ll be tough for Miss Vincent to remain on the scene but it’s so far, so good and with an EP like this to their name then the task might not seem so difficult.

Opening with the anthemic Deadlock, it’s apparent that Miss Vincent are sticking to the “big catchy hooks” side of punk – and why not? It works exceptionally well for the band and if they can continue with this level of catchiness, then they might just win over a fair few more people along the way. I Don’t This packs a bigger, heavier punch than it’s predecessor but doesn’t feel quite as polished but it’s no problem as Planning To Fail picks the pace back up as Miss Vincent are able to prove that they’re worth their weight in gold.

Carry On is a track that people will either love or hate. Maybe it’ll take a few more plays before this one really catches on and it’s by no means a bad track, but at times it feels like it lacks a little something – the chorus carries on the singalong feel that the band have already made clear they can do so well. And that’s not a bad thing, who doesn’t love a good singalong? Nobody, that’s who. As Testing Times sees out the EP, it’s clear that they’ve saved the best until last. This is Miss Vincent at their very best and if they carry on churning out songs as good as Testing Times, then they could soon develop a much bigger and loyal fanbase. These things take time, but they are quite clearly more than capable of becoming one of Britain’s “next big things”.

For fans of: AFI, Alkaline Trio.

Creepy is out now.

Miss Vincent on Facebook

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Desolated – Disorder Of Mind review

desolatedThere’s no doubt that there are some bands that are regarded as jokes of the hardcore scene. Most of those bands are completely unaware of that fact and they probably just don’t care either. Desolated are (fortunately) not one of those bands – but they evidently couldn’t give a flying fuck either. Their new EP, Disorder Of Mind, is a short burst of hardcore that’s heavy, in your face and almost definitely a sign of bigger and better things to come for the Southampton band.

Disorder Of Mind is the follow up to the band’s Holy Roar debut Verse Of Judas and continues the onslaught that the band started last year. As Year Of The Snake opens up the record, it’s clear that Desolated are not anything unique by any means – but they certainly are exceptional at what they do which is more than most can say. Year Of The Snake is melodic, heavy as fuck and sets up the rest of the EP perfectly. As Death By My Side kicks in, Desolated turn shit up and get the hardcore party in full swing with a swift shout of “These lungs are still fucking bleeding!”. Desolated have come to tear shit up and destroy everything in their way and they’ve done a pretty fucking good job of it thus far.

But if you thought Desolated wouldn’t bother to get any heavier than that, then think again. Suffering follows shortly after and if the band get any heavier then we’ll all have to start living in bomb shelters soon. As previously stated, Desolated might not be doing anything new here but they’re certainly a stand out in the UK hardcore scene right now. With Your Demise splitting up and Last Witness time coming to an end, Desolated could be at the forefront to jump to the head of the pack and become one of the leading bands in the UK scene.

Delusions closes the EP in the finest of forms as the band pour their blood, sweat and tears the track. Whatever the voice in the back of their mind is that they discuss on Delusions, it’s hopefully telling them to get ready because Desolated are about to blow the fuck up. It’s suggested that everybody else gets ready too.

For fans of: the UK hardcore scene. You lot know what you like, just get on this.

Disorder Of Mind is out now.

Desolated on Facebook

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Ma Jolie – …Compared To Giants review

CTGDespite it having come out over a year ago, Ma Jolie’s debut record …Compared To Giants is one that seems to have slipped under the radar for a fair amount of people. But with a vinyl release coming out on Gruff Beard Records on the 9th July, it’s time for the band to finally make themselves heard.

Hailing all the way from Philadelphia, Ma Jolie mix candid lyrics with a Latterman-esque punk sound that helps them become a cut above the rest. As far as debut albums go, …Compared To Giants could eventually become a cult punk classic over time – while it does have it’s bumpy moments here and there (what doesn’t?), the band hit the nail on the head in almost every field they pursue. Songs like Let It Grow, Bro and No, Pennsylvania Is The Reason are merely just two examples of these four dudes from Philly’s finest moments. Songs about coming to terms with feeling shitty and feeling hopeless are hardly anything new in the punk scene, but why fix what isn’t broken?

Ma Jolie speak straight from the heart on their songs. There’s no fucking around. While their music may not be dark, what they write about can often be bleak. Feeling hopeless? Check. Lost and alone in the world? Check. Pretty much hate everything? Check. The band tick all the boxes when it comes to being bummed out to the extreme but sometimes there are certain issues that need to be addressed in one’s life – and if it works for Ma Jolie, then we should all take the time to appreciate that their putting this on display for us. …Compared To Giants may have passed a lot of people by, but it definitely shouldn’t have. With a vinyl release imminent and more planned in the pipeline for 2013, this could be a whole new beginning for these four super bummed out dudes.

For fans of: Luther, Latterman.

…Compared To Giants is out now. A vinyl release should soon be out on Gruff Beard Records.

Ma Jolie on Facebook

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Gillian Carter – Lost Ships Sinking With The Sunset review

GClostshipsYou’ll  be hard pressed to find a genre that is more bleak and dark then screamo in 2013. Not that there’s anything wrong with that though – sometimes the bleakest records are the best. The raw emotion seeps through and seems to strike a nerve with a lot of people, which is probably why Gillian Carter have built up their a dedicated fan base since forming in 2005. Their third album, Lost Ships Sinking With The Sunset, is about as bleak and honest as you could get within the space of 17 minutes – but it’s some of the finest work of their type of music to come out this year.

As the band kick things off with Recently…, they prove just why screamo still has a place within the music world in 2013 more so than ever. Whilst a lot of people may not “get” it, those that do cling on to it – infatuated. The musicianship that Gillian Carter have is second to none and it shines brightly on this record. Short bursts of excellence are shown on tracks like Dissertation #1 (Trapped) and the 60 second instrumental Thesis Statement. Waking Up (Lost Ships) is hard evidence as to why Gillian Carter have built up such a cult following over the years – they’re tight, clean and sound better than ever this time round. A more melodic side to the band is shown on the longer (rather, long for this record at 4 minutes) Sinking With The Sunset – this is the band at their darkest but also at their very best.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, the noodley guitar work on Spring Song actually makes for a seemingly more upbeat, happy ending. It somehow fits perfectly in to the record however as it ends before it’s barely begun. But it’s enough to show off the talent that the band have been harboring and for that, they deserve all the credit they can possibly get for this album.

Lost Ships Sinking With The Sunset is out now via Dog Knights.

Gillian Carter on Facebook

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The Mongoloids and Wrong Answer gear up for European + UK tour!

Mongotourposter_zps55663c7aHot on the heels of their most recent release, Mongo Life, The Mongoloids are set to hit mainland Europe and the UK this month bringing Wrong Answer along for the ride as well as a whole host of other hardcore talent to throwdown with. The 20 date tour will see the tour hit Germany, Italy, Belgium and 6 dates in the UK.

Broken Teeth will also be joining the bill for the whole of the UK leg. The dates can be found below so make sure you catch the band if you have the chance!

13. Jun – GER/ Hamburg – Hafenklang
14. Jun – GER/ Berlin – Cassiopeia (small room)

15. Jun – GER/ Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz
16. Jun – GER/ Duisburg – St. Peter
17. Jun – NL/ Tilburg – Extace
18. Jun – BEL/ Gent – The Frontline
19. Jun – UK/ Birmingham* – Wharf Chambers
20. Jun – UK/ Manchester* – Audio
21. Jun – UK/ Glasgow* – Star & Garter
22. Jun – UK/ Bristol* – The Fleece
23. Jun – UK/ London* – The Grosvenor
24. Jun – UK/ Southampton* – Unit
25. Jun – FRA/ Paris – Les Combustibles
26. Jun – FRA/ Bordeaux – The Bootleg
27. Jun – ITA/ Arese – SGA
28. Jun – GER/ Schweinfurt – Stattbahnhof
29. Jun – AT/ Vienna – Venster 99
30. Jun – HU/ Budapest – Trafik Klub
01. Jul – PL/ Krakow – OFF.KIJÓW klub
02. Jul – GER/ Dresden – Chemiefabrik

*/ together with: Broken Teeth

Mongo Life is out now.

Fore more info on the tour, visit the Facebook event page!

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Bloody Mammals – Eventually Your House Will Burn Down

bloodymammalsWithin the first 10 seconds of Bloody Mammals latest EP, they’re already using everything they’ve got to come out swinging and start shouting in your face. It’s less a bad thing and more the best way for the band to introduce themselves to those unfamiliar with them. This Neighbourhood Is Cursed is only the start of the journey – as Bloody Mammals pick up the pace and unleash themselves unto the unsuspecting world.

The band are able to mix melodic punk rock sounds with a slice of post-hardcore to create their own unique blend of music. The title track shows off the real edge that the band bring to the table whilst Tie Down Team slows things down a bit whilst still being able to keep the ferocity that the band has. It may not be something that’s instantly gripping on the first listen, but there’s something quite musically endearing about Bloody Mammals sound – Eventually Your House Will Burn Down is also one of their first proper releases too and if this is anything to go by, then they will only get better with time.

Madam brings back the faster punky side of Bloody Mammals; not just another flash in the pan UK band, they are obviously keen to impress and with this EP they certainly can do. Timber continues the onslaught as the band weave their way in and out all 90 odd seconds of it, setting the ending of the record up with a climatic Long Song. Whether ironically titled or not, Long Song is over 3 times as long as some of the rest of the band’s material clocking in at 5 minutes 14 seconds. So not long for some band’s standards, but definitely for Bloody Mammals. It’s a risky move pulling it off and the song could, in theory, be two separate songs; they do manage to pull it off though. Impressive musicianship and a fairly long outro manage to bring Eventually Your House Will Burn Down to it’s end.

With this EP now under their belts, Bloody Mammals will now be looking to future and deciding their next move. Whatever it may be, be sure to be close by when they are ready to make it.

Eventually Your House Will Burn Down is out now.

Bloody Mammals on Facebook

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