Run From Robots – Rust review

With a name like Run From Robots and with an album with the name of Rust, it could be pretty easy to make puns about metal and rain and everything else. But we’ll refrain for now.

Opening up the album with Raining Nuts and Shooting Bolts, Run From Robots mean business. But it seems that they also have wise words for the listeners. Run From Robots sing that “Nothing is impossible” and that we’ve all got to stick together. Some people may be tired of hearing these things, but they shouldn’t be. These sorts of things are why bands like Run From Robots exist in the first place and in a way it shows passion in the band. If Run From Robots can do what they love to do, why can’t we? Run From Robots aren’t by any means a unique sounding band. It’s pop punk with a twist though, they sound like a band who mean what they say in their lyrics which can’t be said for a lot of other bands in this scene right now.

Being pop punk, you can expect big choruses and Run From Robots come packed with them. On Top Of The Game (which can be downloaded for free here at the official RFR site!), is a classic example of how pop punk should be done. It’s a big sing along song to bounce off the walls with. Red Lights Ruin Nights kicks the album up a notch, whereas songs like Overcoat and C+B are highlights on the record.

Run From Robots do what they do very well, often it’s not as diverse as one might hope but for now it’s doing the band justice. Their poppy choruses and fantastic musicianship will hit home with fans and newcomers, but it seems like there is more to Run From Robots then on first impression. Rust should be looked upon as a new turning point for the band. They’ve come along way since their last EP release and will only continue to grow stronger as they mature into a fantastic British band.

For fans of: You Me At Six, Four Year Strong.

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