Now, Now – Threads review

Indie-rock trio Now, Now’s (formerly Now, Now Every Children) sophomore release Threads is simply put: perfect. Their music is dark, eerie and fascinating with Threads proving Now, Now to be not only fantastic songwriters but brilliant musicians too – easily combining the two to form a phenomenal band.

Starting off with the hugely eerie sounding The Pull, it doesn’t take long for Cacie Dalager’s wonderful, harmonic voice to fill the air – every note and pitch or tone in her voice sounding evermore beautiful albeit somewhat creepy at times. Songs like Lucie. Too show off Now, Now’s ability to create excellent music and even early on, they show that since the release of Cars four years previously that they have already outdone themselves. Dead Oaks is an early contender for the best track on Threads while Oh. Hi. wins the award for the track with the most energy and feeling put into it.

It’s hard to fault Now, Now on Threads. Infact, it’s rare that an album so haunting can be so amazing – there’s never a dull moment on Threads; every song turns corners, expands horizons and takes you down a new path. Rarely does an album like this come along, so we all have Now, Now to thank for that. Thread has a heavier, alternative rock feel to it than the majority of the record but it just goes to show that Now, Now are far from a one trick pony – not that we needed any convincing.

As Threads starts to come to an end, every track seems to get better and better as time goes on; Wolf is a possible underdog for the coveted “Song of the record award”, while the ghostly Colony will send shivers down spines. But of course, it’s the closing track that takes the crown. Magnet shows off all of Now, Now’s capabilities – from the excellent lyrics, to their ability to produce mysterious yet elegant songs as well as their aforementioned fantastic musicianship Threads really does stand miles above the rest in their league.

Now, Now have made a record to be proud of and Threads is clearly the outcome of hard work, passion and a genuine love of music – something that the majority of bands lack. It’s a well crafted, beautiful album and Now, Now can stand up with pride knowing that this record is a defining moment in their careers. Take a bow, guys.

For fans of: Johnny Foreigner.

Threads is out now via Trans Records.

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