Lilygun – S/T review

Somewhere deep down in a murky suburb in London, you’ll find a whole range of different things. There’s probably used needles down some paths, homeless people down another but perhaps even deeper and darker down a certain path you may come across Lilygun. While you may not be familiar with Lilygun, over the last couple of years they have worked their arses off vigorously and this has since paid off as they’ve just released their debut full length.

Their melodic, hard rock sound often comes across as dark but for the most part Lilygun are producing fairly decent quality rock music with some surprises across the way. The heavy hitting Sunlight Dream starts things off before the groove tinged Peace of Mind weaves it’s way in and out of itself; twisting and turning as it creates a powerful yet harmonic melody. Anna-Christina’s vocals are haunting at times but it’s used at an advantage – especially on the almost operatic My Ways, which is spine chilling.

At times however, Lilygun do find themselves feeling all too repetitive. It’s a common problem in the music world nowadays and they feel all too comfortable in their sound – there’s no real diversity and occasionally the tracks all seem to merge into one another creating one, long, somewhat tedious record at times. It’s a good job the album is only 8 songs long because had it been anymore, it might have all been a bit too much. It’s not all doom and gloom though, Excuses packs a punch while Conversations brings back some of the groove tinged bass riffs that Lilygun proved they were so good at.

However, Lilygun have really saved the best until last – previously released Scum still sounds awesome and while Diamonds may not have as much power behind it as it’s predecessor, it sees the record out on a high note. Lilygun have made a mixed bag of a record – there’s no in-between here, some will love it while others will loathe it. The boat hasn’t really been pushed it far enough just yet, but at least Lilygun are somewhat capable of bringing the rock when needs be. As long as they turn that determination into a habit which they use all the time, then they’ll have no problems at all.

Lilygun is out now.

Lilygun on Facebook

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