We Are The Ocean – Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow review

When Dan Brown left We Are The Ocean earlier this year, the band’s future looked bleak. After all, Brown was a big appeal for listeners of We Are The Ocean in the first place – his screamed vocals were a huge part of the band’s sound and worked perfectly alongside Liam Cromby’s clean vocals and helped the band to connect perfectly. Since his departure though, Liam has taken full responsibility for the vocals and with the screaming vocals disappearing We Are The Ocean’s next move was going to have to be something pretty special.

So take to the stage Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow. This is We Are The Ocean at their most hungry; it’s rough, raw and absolutely incredible. It might still be the same band but Stanford Rivers shows a whole different side to WATO; they’re more grown up, more determined and better than ever before. They may have released two great albums before this, but Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow is the real turning point in their careers and that fact is echoed on the heartfelt Young Heart.

The fact that Dan Brown only left a mere 3 months prior to this record coming out makes the story of We Are The Ocean’s never-ending rise to success even more special. Lyrics like “Now I know it’s finally time to cut loose” on Machine scream out that this is a band who are more ready than ever to achieve bigger and better things. The bond between the band on tracks like the previously released The Road is second to none, they sound tighter than ever before and as they make their way through the record it only becomes more and more apparent that We Are The Ocean are easily one of the UK’s finest acts right now. The ridiculously catchy Pass Me By has “fucking anthem” written all across it but it’s the closing track that steals the entire limelight from the rest of the album. Pretty much a solo offering from Liam Cromby, the acoustic Chin Up, Son is We Are The Ocean at their most stripped back. Beautiful, elegant and standing tall over 99% of other UK bands Chin Up, Son is so far removed from the band’s debut EP back in 2008 but it’s also a hell of a lot better.

Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow shows how in the space of a few years a band can mature into something very fucking special. It hasn’t been the easiest of years for the Essex lads, but they’ve made it through in perfect condition. To come out with an album like this after losing an important member of the band was never going to be busy but with determination and belief on their side, We Are The Ocean are capable of anything. Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow will not only be looked upon as a more grown up album than their previous outings but also their best. They’ve left behind the “screamo” tag that some plastered them with and made one of the finest albums of the year. Top fucking marks.

For fans of: Lower Than Atlantis.

Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow is out on 17th September via Hassle Records.

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