The Adicts – All The Young Droogs review

It’s already fair to say that since their formation in 1970’s, over the past 30 odd years that The Adicts have reached a legendary, cult punk status in their career. Still going strong on their 9th album and celebrating their 35th anniversary, the band show no sign of stopping just yet. Titled All The Young Droogs (making reference to the infamous gang in A Clockwork Orange for which The Adicts also use as their image) is a lesson in how to perform proper, old school punk rock.

Battefield W1 is like a time machine back into the 70s and early 80s during punk’s prime – The Adicts don’t sound like they’ve aged or changed one single bit, their songs still as fresh and promising 30 years on. Of course any self respecting punk rock act would never leave an able that rebels against something off their album; parents, government or society, you can never really go wrong. So come on down, Stomper. A song that proclaims “I won’t grow up and you can’t make me” and if not growing up is what’s helping The Adicts still make fantastic music like this, it’s a sure fire fact that nobody will want them to grow up anytime soon. My Old Friend is an absolutely blinder of a track; a catchy, non stop singalong, punk anthem. They might not have reached the same heights as bands like The Sex Pistols or The Clash, but they’ve it’s still admirable that they’ve made it through the rise and fall of punk and are still standing strong.

Rage Is The Rage bleeds British spirit from the band; catchy, upbeat and with their thick, British accents in full swing it begins to become apparent that The Adicts may be more important to punk than ever before. With the music scene as diverse as it is, punk isn’t at the forefront anymore but that doesn’t make it any less important – usually most punk bands from the 70s or 80s have gone through hundreds of line up changes but with a practically original line up to their name The Adicts prove that the original is always the best. It’s not like The Sex Pistols, The Clash or The Ramones are going to be on stage anytime soon so it’s best to get behind this bunch of droogs like there’s no tomorrow. As the epic Horrorshow begins to close proceedings on the record, it’s the closing track that takes some more limelight. Love Lies Bleeding is a more melodic side to the punks – it’s slower, deeper and feels a bit like an 80s ballad as opposed to a classic punk tune but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

But it’s not just the last song that sounds amazing, it’s every song. There’s not one bad track and if punk has been missing anything, it’s a bunch of middle aged blokes dressed up like a gang of youths from Anthony Burgess novel. This is punk rock at it’s very finest and we should all take a step back and appreciate it.

For fans of: Stiff Little Fingers

All The Young Droogs is out now.

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