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Jamie Jazz on Bleach Blood

“I’m so sorry I’m late – Louise is gonna kill me!” Half an hour is hardly late by rock n’ roll standards, but Jamie Jazz couldn’t be more apologetic. “It was a heavy night last night…” he begins, “…we got … Continue reading

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Elephantis – State of Mind review

With a name like Elephantis, if your band doesn’t come with a larger than life and absolutely huge sound then you’re certain to run into trouble along the way. Lucky for Elephantis, they’re melodic hardcore sound is massive. Unlike the … Continue reading

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Top 5 Driving Songs of 2012 by Matt Jones

Music, it brings people together, or, in this case, divides the office. I went out to find out the all-time driving songs out there but I kept getting the same answers, classic rock sing-along anthems, which are great but I … Continue reading

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Blitz Kids – Never Die review

One quick look at Blitz Kids Facebook profile suggests that they already know they have something special. A description for the band simply reads “We are a really good band.” – yes, it is Blitz Kids trying to have a … Continue reading

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Ska Trek 2012 tour starts this Friday!

This Friday sees the start (and sadly end) of something special! The epic Ska Trek tour is back for another incarnation featuring some of Britain’s cream of the crop from the ska punk scene. Anti-Vigilante, Tyrannosaurus Alan and ClayPigeon will … Continue reading

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Avastera – “The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long” review

Debut records, albums and EPs can really make or a break a band. The first thing a band puts out should be big enough to leave an everlasting imprint on people for a long, long time and if it turns … Continue reading

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Sorry And The Sinatras – The Kings of Shambles Street review

With 2012 drawing near it won’t be long before people start deciding who’s going to go on their end of year best lists or what records completely championed other records. But if there’s an EP that will probably get overlooked … Continue reading

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